So I’m tired of awful sushi. There are fine restaurants in Monterrey that have an amazing selection of sushi, but let’s face it there are even more restaurants (especially near home) that sell awful sushi too :'(.

I’m having a lot of time to do nothing, so why not trying sushi? Ok, maybe not sushi as it is because it’s May and we cannot eat fish at home during the months without R in it’s name, unless is canned and at this point I won’t even argue it.

I follow the recipe in the rice package, and watched this video to have an idea how to roll it. It’s flavor was AWESOME, not more Japanese restaurants for me except: Sr. Tanaka and Yamato… And all those places where I haven’t eat yet.


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  1. sun on

    Hey Rory Kenobi! 🙂

    Yesterday I was thinking on prepare makis for my husband today, but later it came to my mind that when we went to China he was crazy about dubmplings and gyozas!! So… I want to prepare them first instead of the rolls! I was reading your post about gyozas but I couldn’t find the recipe for the flour mixture. Do you have it?? I have a recipe for gyozas but it calls for rice paper which I don’t have… Thanks for your help!

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