Dinner rolls

I love dinner rolls, I found this recipe and became a fan immediately, usually make half of the recipe and keep them in the freezer. However I started them without really paying attention and when I was about to mix the flour in, noticed that there was only about the half flour required for the recipe ūüė¶ and didn’t have any other kind of flour except corn flour, had no other choice but to use it.

My favorite sandwiches are actually dinner rolls stuffed with ham, swiss & cream cheese, so the rolls recipe is perfect for them, I make them a little larger.

Let’s see what turns out of this experiment.

2 hours later…

They turned out great! I know the flavor from somewhere… I can’t recall. The only thing is that they don’t look the usual color, they look kinda tan… ha ha ha… I also made them bigger than a dinner roll and round like a little bun :P.

I’ll keep baking them for a variation. So the only changes made from the original recipe is that half of the all purpose flour was replaced with corn flour and added a 1/4 cup of rolled oats and a little more as a topping. Very tasty!


2 comments so far

  1. sun on

    They look great! They remind me the bread from the red lobster… yummy!!

  2. Hezzy on

    So, your little experiment paid off, after all! Great! They do look good.

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