That should be my second name. I’m dying to eat a decent scone, but the almost 90° F prevent me from staying in the kitchen for more than 20 minutes in a row. I  know I’ll want pancakes for breakfast tomorrow so I made them already and are in the fridge. I wanted a different recipe and tried this one: Fluffy pancakes. The mistake there was that I ran out of butter and used olive oil instead. Not a fan… I’ll try them later this week with butter, the original recipe calls for shortening, but I don’t buy that… oh well. The texture of the pancakes was awful (they sort of break) and the flavor was ewww… I had to use maple syrup, otherwise I wouldn’t have eat them. I asked the amazing people of AR Exchange for their favorite recipes and they shared!

My mom asked for carrot cake, so I used the Sam’s Famous Carrot Cake recipe and baked 13 cupcakes for her. First of all I only made a third part of the original recipe, also made a few substitutions, my mom doesn’t like pineapple, so I add a little more buttermilk to compensate for the moisture, used almonds instead of walnuts, threw some rolled oats in and doubled the amount of cinnamon.

I bake them in batches of six in an electric mini oven about 30 minutes, but this time, because of the  I forgot about the timer and bake them for 40 minutes, they ended up a little too brown.

I still want the scone :(… maybe tomorrow.


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