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frankensteiningĀ bread

In a previous post I told you about my brilliant idea of making rice paper. Since it didn’t work, now I have about 3/4 lbs of rice flour free to use. The texture is very much alike corn flour and that brought this bread to my mind. I followed the same basic recipe but used 2/3 parts of all purpose flour and 1/3 of rice flour and threw some rolled oats to the mixture. Instead making rolls, this time I pour all the batter in a flat bread pan.

The flavor is a little flat, perfect for a sandwich or with cream cheese. Thumbs up, I’ll use the remaining rice flour for this recipe. The only thing I was in a rush to finish and start to prepare dinner so I cut it when still HOT and broke a little.


Dinner rolls

I love dinner rolls, I found this recipe and became a fan immediately, usually make half of the recipe and keep them in the freezer. However I started them without really paying attention and when I was about to mix the flour in, noticed that there was only about the half flour required for the recipe šŸ˜¦ and didn’t have any other kind of flour except corn flour, had no other choice but to use it.

My favorite sandwiches are actually dinner rolls stuffed with ham, swiss & cream cheese, so the rolls recipe is perfect for them, I make them a little larger.

Let’s see what turns out of this experiment.

2 hours later…

They turned out great! I know the flavor from somewhere… I can’t recall. The only thing is that they don’t look the usual color, they look kinda tan… ha ha ha… I also made them bigger than a dinner roll and round like a little bun :P.

I’ll keep baking them for a variation. So the only changes made from the original recipe is that half of the all purpose flour was replaced with corn flour and added a 1/4 cup of rolled oats and a little more as a topping. Very tasty!