Dinner rolls

I love dinner rolls, I found this recipe and became a fan immediately, usually make half of the recipe and keep them in the freezer. However I started them without really paying attention and when I was about to mix the flour in, noticed that there was only about the half flour required for the recipe ūüė¶ and didn’t have any other kind of flour except corn flour, had no other choice but to use it.

My favorite sandwiches are actually dinner rolls stuffed with ham, swiss & cream cheese, so the rolls recipe is perfect for them, I make them a little larger.

Let’s see what turns out of this experiment.

2 hours later…

They turned out great! I know the flavor from somewhere… I can’t recall. The only thing is that they don’t look the usual color, they look kinda tan… ha ha ha… I also made them bigger than a dinner roll and round like a little bun :P.

I’ll keep baking them for a variation. So the only changes made from the original recipe is that half of the all purpose flour was replaced with corn flour and added a 1/4 cup of rolled oats and a little more as a topping. Very tasty!


Bento obsession

I love onigiris, but couldn’t find them near home, so once I could make sushi rice I thought it could be easy to make onigiris, after browsing a little found an amazing site Just Bento where they explain in detail how to make them.¬† I think my onigiris were decent in terms of shape, and the flavor was great, I fill them with a mixture of canned tuna, mayo and soy sauce.

While checking the site I found lots of pictures of bentos, and I must say, have been always intrigued about how Japanese make such interesting and beautiful dishes, of course now I know is a world wide trend. I’ve been a little afraid of trying to make my own bento, but every day I’m making things that go on that direction. I don’t have too many tools, my mom was never a cooking fan neither my dad, so I’m looking in the internet as I believe can’t find stuff like that in Monterrey. Said that I’m trying to understand the whole concept, one very obvious thing is the smart use of space and the aesthetic of the dish. Most bentos appears to be almost vegan, which would be a nice change for my daily diet.

Here my attempts towards making a bento:

I’m not comfortable eating from a box at home though, what I really want is a square set of dishes to eat at home and nice chopsticks, now I have only disposable ones that my mom saved through the many years I had japanese and chinese take outs.

Today (May 18th) I ate a bento, not a pretty one but I’m sure this one qualifies as a bento, it had cubed rice, steamed broccoli, schezwan beef with vegetables and corn. It was in a box because I’m cooking only for myself it’s hard to calculate how much to do, so I make 2 portions and freeze one. It was fun to eat from a container, my mom told me that wasn’t a bento that I should at least put a happy face on the rice or something or at least make rice balls she’s definitely funny ;), however it was delicious and nutritive.

Almond chocolate cupcakes

Right now I’m baking almond chocolate cupcakes, they are delicious and very unhealthy I guess.¬† I came up with this recipe about a week ago because I had no other ingredients at home, they are actually great. I ate the last one on Saturday night so I’m baking a new batch to finish my vanilla ice cream that I actually got for those cupcakes.

Let’s see how they turn out.


So I’m tired of awful sushi. There are fine restaurants in Monterrey that have an amazing selection of sushi, but let’s face it there are even more restaurants (especially near home) that sell awful sushi too :'(.

I’m having a lot of time to do nothing, so why not trying sushi? Ok, maybe not sushi as it is because it’s May and we cannot eat fish at home during the months without R in it’s name, unless is canned and at this point I won’t even argue it.

I follow the recipe in the rice package, and watched this video to have an idea how to roll it. It’s flavor was AWESOME, not more Japanese restaurants for me except: Sr. Tanaka and Yamato… And all those places where I haven’t eat yet.