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Pancakes late in the morning… makes me lunch too late

My mom asked me to drive her to a morning history class, I’m not big fan or waking up early, specially on weekends, but it’s the mom so you can’t let her down. So once I was awake I wanted my breakfast, what to cook?

Not long time ago a friend borrowed me a tiny cookbook to entertain myself meanwhile she was taking care of her daughter, I think we were going to bake a cake… well I found a recipe of pancakes, here is the recipe with a few adjustments.

Epic pancakes!

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I had breakfast about 10:00 am, so at 1:00 pm my parent’s most preferred time for lunch, I was still satisfied. About 3:00 pm I was too hungry to think but wanted something delicious. The first thing in my mind was this amazing rib eye in the freezer and swiss cheese, this in a baguette was my first choice, however there were 2 portions of the meat stuck together, change of plans!

Then I thought about this recipe, a friend of mine shared on facebook. The only change I made was the shallots, I have no clue what they are or where to get them, so decided to use onions instead. MAJOR win. It takes a little time to reduce it but the flavor worth the wait.

This was my lunch:

I was going to bake scones and burger buns in the afternoon… but there is so hot in here that I can’t give up air conditioning… maybe very late in the night…